Civic Engagement

Alabama has the 7th highest death rate from COVID-19 in the nation.

The virus hit some harder than others—many of us were more vulnerable based on age, race, family obligations, or type of job. It took a much higher toll on our elders; rural neighbors with less access to healthcare; frontline workers; and those without health insurance. Even people outside of these categories became critically ill.

We can honor the lives lost by closing the healthcare gaps that made Alabama’s death rate so high. Let’s carry forward the legacies of our loved ones by engaging our communities—to make them stronger, more resilient, and more just.

Cover Alabama Coalition

A nonpartisan alliance advocating for the state of Alabama to provide quality, affordable health coverage to its residents and implement a sustainable healthcare system

Alabama Forward

A diverse coalition of 501(C)(3) civic groups working to ensure that every Alabamian can engage in the democratic process